Madison, Wisconsin, March 2022 – While meditation continues to be one of the fastest growing trends in America, experts are developing new ways to demystify the experience and bring the benefits of meditation to people of every lifestyle. Businessman and mediation practitioner Harry Miles introduced his recently designed Go Zafu® meditation cushion. Designed to provide both comfort and convenience to users with all levels of experience, the patented Go Zafu® meditation cushion is the answer for meditation on the move.

The Go Zafu® meditation cushion is built for one primary purpose: to make it easier for users to comfortably meditate in nature or anywhere else they practice meditation. It’s compact, lightweight, attaches easily to a bicycle, backpack and carries easily with a briefcase. It’s abrasion and water resistant allowing dirt and dust wipe off easily.

Creator Harry Miles states, “The Go Zafu® meditation cushion was designed to remove obstacles to outdoor meditation. It removes the logistical and comfort barriers that stand between you and peaceful meditation in nature. At the same time, the design of the Go Zafu® makes it convenient and even discreet enough to have with you at the office. It allows you to be present anywhere you find yourself.”

More and more, meditation apps make it possible to refocus and center whether at work or in the woods. The convenience of apps like Calm, Insight Timer, Headspace—paired with the ease and portability of the Go Zafu® meditation cushion, allow users to take their meditations anywhere.

With hundreds having been sold through online stores including Amazon, Etsy and at, people everywhere are appreciating the practicality of the Go Zafu® meditation cushion.

What our customers are saying:

Comfortable yet very firm cushion and super durable Cordura fabric. This is one of those products that would be a #1 bestseller if you could actually do a comparative sit test. It’s small like a kids lunch box and I can clip it to my sling bag and forget about it.  

High quality portable zafu. This is well-made. I’ve struggled with blow-up zafus and this is a much better option.

My house today was as noisy as most mornings since the start of work and school from home. I put on an extra comfy layer and took my new Go Zafu cushion out by the garden. I’ve never been so surprised by my timer going off. Very portable cushion, excellent design, and rugged materials. I really like the magnetic clasps, secure and easy to open. These will make excellent gifts for friends and family who enjoy a meditation practice.

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