The Portland Insight Meditation Community (PIMC) is an experiment in American Buddhism. They welcome people of all faiths, orientations, genders, abilities, ages, and racial/cultural backgrounds. The purpose of PIMC is to improve the lives of participants, their families and the greater community through meditative practice and a lifestyle that supports liberation from suffering, the awakening of wisdom, and the manifestation of compassion.

Gary Sanders of the Portland Insight Meditation Community shared with us his thoughts on the Go Zafu meditation cushion and we want to share them here.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, when the weather gets nice, we ALL go outside and as a meditator, the GoZafu is PERFECT for hikes, days at the park, or just those days when you need to get out and ground yourself in nature. I would never take my custom personal zafu outdoors, it’s too heavy to carry around anyway! GoZafu is so light, easy to pack or carry, and the material is great for meditating anywhere I travel, dry or moist. Thank you GoZafu for allowing me to easily bring my practice out into nature.

If you’re in the Portland area, connect with the Portland Insight Meditation Community and the resources that they offer.