What it means to “be present” is a bit esoteric but certainly knowable. During meditation, the idea of “being present” refers to having a focus that allows you full awareness of your surroundings without the distractions to take you away. Being present is about being in the moment and letting go, at least temporarily, of the worries and wonders that often occupy your mind.

As we go throughout the day, our minds are so encumbered by the next thing on our to-do list, the stress of life and work, and even just the habits we’ve established that aren’t necessarily good for us. The idea of being present means we can take some time to meditate and enjoy. We can be mindful of our surroundings, our feelings, and our desires. We enter a mental state achieved by focusing on the present moment and acknowledging all of our thoughts and sensations.

Being present takes focus and it takes practice. Our mind will often trail off and go back to work, as it were. But we can come back. We can re-focus and permit ourselves to set aside the distractions and here the birds chipping, notice the breeze on our cheek, and feel the warmth of the sun. And enjoy those sensations in those moments.

And when the mind wanders again, re-focus and be present.

The last 2 years has seen the development of the Go Zafu Meditation Pad & Cushion. It was designed so that users can conveniently and with reasonable comfort, connect with the outdoors—the air, the sounds, the smells—and enter into a state of deep relaxation and be present.  Its shape was engineered to provide a stable foundation that supports good posture and minimizes lower body circulation issues. Its heel well and apron protect against the discomfort of rough surfaces. Its fabric was designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and wipe off easily. Its attachment loops make it convenient for outdoor hiking and biking. Its size and discreet appearance make it easy to take anywhere, including the office. The Go Zafu Mediation Pad & Cushion makes it possible to be present. Anywhere.