During this time of social isolation, moms (and dads!) are spending a lot of time discovering new and creative ways to facilitate their children’s education while also creating space for fun and entertainment. It’s not easy!

Because of the nature of being a mom, mom’s often struggle to make that alone time to practice self-care because they are busy caring for everyone else in the household. But Mom, you need to focus on you so that you can focus on everyone else who needs you. Take some time for yourself, go outside, and find the peace and calm that will continue to get you through. Here is what you need to do to make it special.

Schedule Time for You. Find a place where you can social distance and relax with nature. Being outdoors and making time to meditate will help you to refocus and replenish some energy needed for the demands of a household. It’s well worth taking the time to re-energize!

Pamper yourself. Along with an outdoor experience, bring a book and your favorite tea. After spending some time meditating, it’s also good for you to have some time uninterrupted in a good book with a favorite beverage. The feeling of treating yourself will remind you that you’re a person of value and worth, something we easily forget when we’re busy caring for others.

Keep it Simple. After you carve out the time on your calendar and decide your destination, make sure you have everything you need, but don’t take the kitchen sink. Make sure your cell phone is charged in case you’re choosing to use a meditation app. Have a meditation cushion with you that can withstand any of the discomforts of the outdoors. Bring your water and tea and settle in for what will be a couple of hours of rest and relaxation. Keep your supplies minimal so you can get to where you’re going quickly and focus on you. You’re the reason for a retreat.