Go Zafu Outdoor Meditation Cushion FAQ

Go Zafu Outdoor Meditation Cushion FAQ

Go Zafu seems too (firm/soft/high/low) for me. Do you offer other options?

For right now, no. While we’ve done our best to build a product to allow everyone easier access to outdoor meditation, we acknowledge that all bodies are unique and no single meditation cushion can be universal. That said, a LOT of planning went into this design. We’d urge you to give Go Zafu meditation cushion a try – more often than not, our skeptics become enthusiastic users after a session or two. If you decide it’s just not for you, return it within 30 days for a full refund (full return policy here).

Wow…this is just too small.

This is not an uncommon first reaction; however, Go Zafu is not your average meditation cushion. It is deliberately very compact for portability. The tri-density foam core is designed to support your weight-bearing posterior bones much the way a bicycle seat would. With proper posture and balance, Go Zafu meditation cushion will provide users of nearly all shapes and sizes with support and comfort during outdoor meditation sessions.

I already have a cushion I really like. Why do I need another one?

We’re not out to replace your favorite meditation cushion. Think “in addition to” rather than “instead of.” Go Zafu meditation cushion is built for one purpose: To make it easier for you to comfortably meditate in nature. It’s compact, lightweight, attaches easily to your bicycle or backpack, and it’s abrasion and water resistant. So for that specific purpose, we’re confident that it works better than what you’re using now. For indoor practice, by all means, stick to what’s most comfortable for you…although don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for Go Zafu for daily indoor meditation, too.

What’s with the zipper?

We know, we know – why have a zipper if you’re not supposed to open it? Please don’t open it. The zipper provides a secure closure for the Cordura™ cover, but the cover isn’t designed to be removed. Go Zafu’s original shape is very difficult to restore once the foam block inside is removed, and a meditation cushion with a wrinkled cover is just…distracting.

Seems a bit “gadget-y.” My practice isn’t about buying more “stuff.”

Fair enough, but hear us out: Go Zafu is not a novelty product. It’s covered in rugged Cordura™ to withstand months and years of use on rough surfaces. Your current meditation cushion isn’t. It offers padded protection for your heels and ankles against those same rough surfaces. Your current cushion doesn’t. It attaches easily to your bike or pack to travel with you, conveniently and unobtrusively, wherever you go. Your current cushion can’t. If you have a sincere interest in taking your meditation practice into nature, Go Zafu meditation cushion will make it easier. Your current cushion won’t.