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Contact: Sarah Flashing
Phone: (630) 484-1855

Madison, WI – March 24, 2020 – Madison Wisconsin-based brand, GoZafu, has donated a supply of cushions to youth through Outdoor Outreach, Inc. Located in San Diego, California, the mission of Outdoor Outreach, Inc., is to connect youth to the transformative power of the outdoors, to realize the positive attitude and behavioral changes that help them become happy, healthy, and successful adults. The GoZafu outdoor meditation cushion was designed to bring people closer to the outdoor meditative experience, helping them to eliminate some of the elements that hinder focus.

“Working with Lesford Duncan, Senior Director of Programs at Outdoor Outreach, Inc., we are happy to be able to further inspire the youth who are involved with his organization,” stated Harry Miles, creator of GoZafu. “While Outdoor Outreach allows students to connect more deeply with the outdoors, the experience helps them to know themselves more deeply. We believe the use of our GoZafu cushion will greatly enhance this opportunity for them.”

Due to the current coronavirus epidemic, through a social media campaign, Go Zafu is giving away several of these unique outdoor meditation cushions in hopes that users who are social distancing will find peace and comfort through the meditative experience, whether outside or indoors. Followers of GoZafu on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have a chance to win a cushion of their own by signing up to receive emails here.

The GoZafu Outdoor Meditation Cushion is the product of necessity. With many years practicing outdoors meditation in a variety of climates and terrain, Harry Miles designed this cushion for his own needs and purposes. After the initial prototype was developed and tested on his own journeys, it was then that he realized the value of this product for the wider mindfulness community.

From the mountaintop to the neighborhood park, your office to your backyard, the Go Zafu medication cushion is compact, rugged, lightweight, abrasion & water resistant, and comfortable. For more information or to purchase your own, visit