gozafu meditation cushion


Go Zafu Outdoor Meditation

Go Zafu is the result of extensive testing and deliberate, mindful design. Built for comfort, durability, and portability.


gozafu meditation cushion

Tri-density Laminated Foam Cushion

Seat Pad:

Firm and resilient; designed for comfort over extended periods.

Compression Wedge:

Triangular cross-section adjusts to provide support and aid proper posture.

Base Block:

Firm foam with forward slope provides stable foundation and support, aiding good posture and minimizing lower body circulation issues.

gozafu meditation cushion

Heel Well

Allows heels to be drawn up near to the perineum, improving posture and stability while in the Burmese meditative pose.

gozafu meditation cushion

6-panel Apron

Designed to accommodate the feet and ankles while sitting in a cross-legged position, protecting from the discomfort of rough surfaces.

gozafu meditation cushion

Cordura Cover

1000 denier Cordura provides extreme abrasion and water resistance, designed to withstand the rigors of long-term outdoor use.

gozafu meditation cushion

Three Attachment Loops

Conveniently-placed loops allow easy and secure attachment to carry-on luggage, backpack, bicycle rack etc.

gozafu meditation cushion


Two magnetic clasps (FidLocks) secure the straps and keep your GoZafu closed and secure during transport and storage. Angled installation prevents accidental opening. Simply position FidLocks near one another and they will snap closed.