It’s always exciting to stumble upon movements that are encouraging people to self-care. Kenya and Michelle Jackson-Saulters are doing just that. Creators of “The Outdoor Journal Tour,” they are responsible for a nationwide movement that focuses on helping women develop a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them through mindfulness and meditation.

On their Facebook page they write about their work: “The Outdoor Journal Tour is designed for women who want to dive deeper into their personal development, but are bored with traditional self-help methods. Participants have the opportunity to explore scenic landscapes and hiking trails while being guided through an empowering (and customized) personal discovery process that uses physical activity, journaling and meditation as healing tools. The process includes daily writing prompts, engaging exercises and weekly guided meditations.”

They continue to write that “The Outdoor Journal Tour was born out of a desire to help women learn the importance of “praying with their energy”, or actively moving into alignment with your goals and living as if you already embody them…Our tours challenge women to think outside of the box, and make their self-care a priority.,,We have combined 3 of the most effective emotional management tools (physical exercise, journaling and meditation) in one custom experience…”

The Outdoor Journal Tour has ambassadors in all parts of the country including Atlanta, San Francisco, Charlotte, Seattle, Southern California and Chicago. Learn more at