New York Times Best Selling Author Anita Moorjani and Grammy Award winning Producer Barry Goldstein have created the NDE Meditation to facilitate healing as you are cradled in the loving embrace of the divinely orchestrated music.

This enrapturing process is inspired by many of the wonderful individuals we meet during our live workshops. People who ask how: they too can open themselves up to their authentic self ♥️ to bring more meaning into their lives ♥️ to clear blockages that are preventing them for achieving their desire to heal ♥️ to loose the fear of death and embrace life more fully and to cherish their relationships.

Anita Moorjani,

Recently, Anita received a Go Zafu meditation cushion and shared with us her thoughts.

I love it! It’s fabulous as it allows me to sit cross legged on the ground, which is something I usually have trouble doing!

Anita Moorjani

A goal of the Go Zafu meditation cushion is to be useful such that the the person who is meditating can focus on the act of meditation and be only minimally distracted by his or her surroundings, especially outdoors.

Meditation is cross-cultural, even cross-worldview practice. People develop their meditative habits for different reasons and purposes, so this cushion was developed for anyone who had the outdoor experience in mind. Get your Go Zafu cushion here at or on Amazon. Learn More about Anita Moorjani at